Controls Hair Fall And Revive Hair Growth

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Controls Hair Fall Revive Hair Growth

Q: Do Hair Oils help in hair regrowth or are they meant only for keeping hair smooth?

Certainly yes! The most severe problem faced today by millions is HAIR LOSS! An ideal combination of herbs blended together in a balanced proportion in a suitable oil base , and this when massaged into the scalp on a regular basis will not only stop further hair loss , but will  also activate the dormant hair follicles thereby  resulting in hair regrowth and denser hair in the months to come.

Q: For how long should a hair oil be left on the scalp?

Ideally, any hair oil should be left overnight so that its nourishing agents get enough time to penetrate the scalp and provide the desired results.

Q: How effective is Knotss in different hair related issues.?

Knotss Herbal Hair Oil is an ideal combination of 9 ancient vedic herbs which help effectively in combating the different hair related issues like uncontrolled hair loss, premature graying, dry flaky scalp, and dandruff etc.

Q: How does Knotss help in controlling hair loss?

A 10-15 minute gentle massage with Knotss in a circular motion will improve blood circulation and facilitate the phytonutrients to penetrate the scalp and activate even the dormant hair follicles leading to hair regrowth and thicker, denser hair. It also curbs hair loss.

Q: How does Knotss help in stress related hair loss?

The active ingredients of Knotss, have nutritional as well as cooling properties. The cooling effect  of the ingredients provides relief from stress and headache and hence, helps in controlling stress-related hair loss.

Q:Will Knotss help in HAIR RE-GROWTH?

Undoubtedly Yes! Knotss is a balanced combination of 9 wonder herbs like Bhringa , Amla , ginger tec. A gentle massage with this wonder oil will allow the phytonutrients to penetrate the scalp and increase the blood circulation. The increase in blood circulation will activate even the dormant hair follicles, besides strengthening the existing active ones. And the result is HAIR REGROWTH AND WONDERFUL THICK, LONG AND STRONG TRESSES.

Q:How is Knotss different from other hair oils in the market?

Knotss is a purely herbal formulation manufactured by the ancient and time-tested  KSHIRPAK VIDHI. This ancient method maintains the nutrients of the different herbs which have been mixed together in a balanced proportion to create a MAGICAL POTION which is effective in controlling  HAIR LOSS  from DAY 1 and helps in  HAIR REGROWTH  on following a regular regime of a nourishing massage with our wonder oil- Knotss!

Q:How frequently should Knotss be applied ?

Ideally, a gentle massage 4 to 5 times a week is ample to get the desired results and softer, smoother hair. Please continue the therapy regularly and consistently to have thicker, denser, healthier hair.

Q:Should we stop applying Knotss after the problem of hair fall is solved?

Our hair need constant care and pampering , and oiling the hair is one of the most important aspect of hair care. Therefore, a lifelong association with Knotss will keep all your hair problems away, and will maintain the beauty of your crowning glory, today and forever.

Q:I have a lot of split ends and as a result the growth of my hair is retarded. Can Knotss help in treating split ends?

Oh Yes! Knotss has another wonderful ingredient  Zingiba Officianale i.e. Ginger which has multiple benefits. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It has antiseptic properties as well. Ginger is considered as a one-stop solution for problems like split ends, dandruff, dry and itchy scalp etc.

Q:Is Knotss useful if the hair fall is due to fungal infection of the scalp?

Of course, Knotss is effective and useful in fungal infection of the scalp along with a proper anti-fungal treatment with consultation by a Trichologist.

Q:Can Knotss be used in for both males and females to control hair loss and for regrowth?

Definitely. Both male and females face common hair problems and Knotss will be effective in both the cases. As Knotss is chemical free & 100% natural hence it is even safer for children too. Knotss is particularly formulated in such a manner that Knotss suites both gender and all ages.

Q: Is there any procedure to return a pack of Knotss ?

Please refer to Return Policies