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    The Mystery of Hair story

    Herbal Hair Oil

    Hi Friends ……………………….Today I am going to share some facts about HAIR & its care.

    The Hair is our most prestigious, valuable asset & in fact it’s a CROWN over our head. We all are really conscious of our crown & all of us got worried whenever we face any type of problem with our Hair.



      Which Hair Problems do you face now?

      The females have to be extra careful about it due to volume & density of their tresses. Friends as I have studied a lot about Hair & its care hence would definitely like to share some basic facts & ideas in order to take care of our asset.

      Without treatment, female pattern hair loss can progress from a widening part to overall thinning. Not every women who has this type of hair loss will develop overall thinning.

      The hair problems are faced very commonly by both the genders, so these ideas are helpful to all.

      The most common Hair problem that we are facing now a day is Hair fall/Hair loss and the premature greying of Hair. It is because of many factors e.g. air pollution, not cleaning hair properly & regularly, overusing of cosmetic hair products. Hereditary or Genetic factors are also responsible for some pattern of Hair loss.

      In the market there are plenty of products that claim to solve your Hair problems, but you have to be very choosy & careful while selecting & using any of it as you could be confident about the product only after you have used the same or someone known to you has already used this product & recommends the same to you very confidently.

      Some of us might also be following the golden ideas from our grandparents too that use yogurt to wash your hair, don’t use shampoos as it is harmful as it is made up of chemicals & blah blah ……..

      Nowadays there is been a lot of awareness for Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Oil products to be indicated for many type of ailments, particularly for Haircare.

      If some of us are really aware of Ayurveda then they might be aware of the power & truth behind this science.

      “The great thing about Ayurveda is that its treatments always yield side benefits, not side effects.” ―Shubhra Krishan

      Ayurveda is a many century old healing sciences that were invented centuries ago in the Land of Gods i.e. India. It has proved its worth even in the modern era too.

      Ayurveda is completely natural, chemical free & without side effects. I will not go in much detail about the science as it is a very deep subject to be discussed.

      Let us come back to hair care, I would first suggest keeping your hair clean & hygienic depending on your occupation & working atmosphere, some might need cleaning on alternate day’s basis, some on weekly basis.

      This is the thumb rule for healthy hair that your mane should be clean, as if there is dust etc. entangled with the sweat over the scalp, it might provide a medium to let the bacteria & fungus grow there & it will definitely harm your hair & responsible for Hair fall, dandruff etc.

      So keep it clean to be a proud owner of the healthy crown. There are a lot of things to be shared & will surely do it in my coming articles on Haircare

      Best of Healthy Crowning Hair………..

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